Dufuna Canoe: History or Myth?

The Discovery

According to archaeologists world over calibrated C-14 dates for the dug- out from Pesse, Netherlands discovered in 1957 existed over 8000 (8265 ± 275bp) years ago, remains the oldest in the world and later in 1992, Noyen-Sur seine in France, became the host of another ancient boat with about 8000 (7960 ± 100bp) years old, which is the second largest of such discovery in the world.

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The Fishing Wives Of Damboa (where women run the show)

In the mainly agrarian community of Damboa in Borno State, the Marghi Speaking women are apparently subservient to their husbands. The fishes that have fallen prey to their fishing nets in a weekly fishing rites in the area are ultimately used to win over their men by way of using the proceeds there from to supplement the family’s income and prepare a delicacy popularly known as ‘Marghi Special’ for the family, to consolidate their rightful place in the matrimonial home throughout the fishing season! Continue reading

The Cycling Wives of Damboa

In most parts, especially in rural settlements, of Damboa Local Government Area in Borno State, when a girl is about to get married her parents ensure that they buy a brand new bicycle for their daughter not just as a gift to satisfy their pride but, the bicycle is the most priced possession that will further consolidate their daughters’ rightful place in her husbands house.

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Rabi’s Fort At Risk

Yakura inside the Fortf=”http://salkida.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Rabi-s-Fort-in-the-1930-s1.jpg”>Rabi s Fort in the 1930 sTrespassers at  the FortSigns of collapseRabi s royal bath tup
Rabih’s Fort is widely acclaimed to have been built during the time of Idris Alooma in the 16th century and was used by the Dikwamawa who ruled over the area as a Palace. But shortly after Rabih Fadl Allah, a brave military adventurer and a notorious slave merchant from Sudan in the mid 19th century successfully defeated the Borno Army three consecutive times, bringing the El-Kanemi dynasty temporary to its knees, he then settled down in Dikwa in 1893 sending the Dikwama Adam, the then ruler of Dikwa to Gajibo, a settlement for religious leaders, 7 miles away from Dikwa, as Sunday Trust gathered. Continue reading

Borno Youths becoming slaves to TV Screen

In Maiduguri apart from cold pure water, one thing that refreshes many residents especially youths due to the harsh weather, is their TV sets or, that of Local cinemas across Maiduguri. Here, it is obvious that European football leagues such as Bundesliga, Laliga, Premier, Serie A and the Champions League have become an overwhelmingly spectator products with fans religiously identifying with various teams, which they display openly either by wearing T-shirts, bracelets or by pasting stickers of their clubs on windscreens of both private and commercial vehicles.

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A Ray Of Light In Nollywood

“Ehwoo! Uwadiegu is dead! What can I do without Uwadiegu?” a co-actor in a film titled “Uwadiegu” cried out helplessly in the open compound of their residential quarters to his petrified co-tenants, announcing the sudden death of his brother. He succeeded in raising money and sympathy for his brother, who later rose from death and claimed to have received supernatural powers from God. In the movie, Uwadiegu and his brother live in Lagos as destitutes and fugitives after poisoning their elder brother in the village. They later became affluent through the booming church business, which they funded and managed through deceit with the help of a native doctor who provided juju in return for money. Incidentally, the spirit of their late brother, who began to torment them each day, kills the native doctor. The consequence of their action then became an unending nightmare for them. This is a scene from a typical Nigerian movie which is fast gaining notoriety within and outside the country. Continue reading