Response to those asking the BBOG to direct their protest to me instead of the government.

I am Ahmad Salkida, a journalist by practice. I am a full blooded Nigerian from Borno state.
I hold an abiding commitment to Nigeria and have been doing my utmost best to contribute to her growth and development through my professional reporting.

This zeal in applying my professional reporting instincts to benefit society has brought so much targeted hostility, even unjustifiable enmity, on my person by some people in authority and others who flag the supporters banners.
Historically, I won’t be the first nor will the cross I bear today be the last a professional journalist would be made the target of official ridicule. Others like Dele Giwa suffered a worse fate.
I look out for news signals and report. I started reporting on Boko Haram in 2006 when most of my colleagues would be on the lookout for press releases.
Beyond what I report as news I have no authority over those I report. Neither those in government nor those of the terrorists fold.
I have written extensively on the issues that undermine the sanctity of our humanity as a nation such as the abducted Chibok school girls. I have even at the government’s request sought to use my professional access to affect possible release of the girls.
This ground of sacrifice has sadly and repeatedly harvested the most unjustifiable professional hostility towards me. I know that both the previous and current government in Nigeria publicly declared a commitment to get these girls released. I believe that any government that takes this as an obligation can achieve the set objective. But I neither decide for the government nor for Boko Haram.

Ahmad Salkida

3 thoughts on “Response to those asking the BBOG to direct their protest to me instead of the government.

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  2. One would have thought that security agencies in Nigeria lookingbfor the missing girls will jump at possibility of using your access and link to the captors to good effect,rather and surprisingly its been tagged as the enemy! I wonder where else they will sort for other credible alternatives while our sisters stil languish in the dens of the captors

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