Radio Biafra, A Stitch In Time By Ahmad Salkida and Johnson Chinedu Edwin

In two separate newspapers articles published in 2006 and 2009 in the New Sentinel and Sunday Trust, and credited to one of us, the manner Boko Haram’s total disregard for civil values was the point of discourse. The report in question warned that government’s disregard of this rebellious inclination of the group would amount a calculated catastrophe to society. The authorities ignored this at society’s general peril.

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Boko Haram IS Merger: Shekau Could Be Replaced

Boko Haram, as they are known, seem to have had a long disagreement within the Jihadi movements in Africa about Abubakar Shekau’s depth of knowledge. Many of the Jihadis, especially students of late Mohammed Yusuf, Shekau’s precursor, were reported to have opted out of the movement on account of his hastiness. Some of these erstwhile members of the sect are reported to be currently fighting alongside with the Islamic State (IS) in Libya, or in other turfs — in their new obsession of dying as martyrs instead of co-existing in a multicultural society.

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Reminiscences Of A Nigeria Past And Gone, By Ahmad Salkida and Johnson Chinedu Edwin

When tit for tat and targeted killings of Easterners forced Emeka Ojukwu, a Colonel in the Nigerian Army and military administrator of Eastern Nigeria, to unilaterally declare the independent Republic of Biafra Nigeria advanced to the precipice. What followed was a 30-month barrage of killing fields concentrated in Igbo territories.

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Borno State, Boko Haram and the circle of violence

Branded the ‘home of peace’ due to its hospitality and its people’s unique communal interactions, has now become a monster devoted to consuming its own.

This ugly descent to an almost unimaginable level of savagery was set off by the terror sect, known as Boko Haram. With its vicious display of bloodletting since 2009, the sect has ensured that the values that held society together have been brutally severed. The values, as they were, that exhorted the sacredness of life; of being your brother’s keeper; of patience; of love and tolerance and of the dignity of labour, have all been thrown to the dogs.

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Boko Haram and Ahmed Salkida’s ‘hijra’ By Emmanuel Yawe

His last message to me came on April 1, 2013. I wish it were, but it was not an April fool’s message. Dear Mr Yawe, he wrote:

“After years of seeking ways and alternatives to working professionally and remaining with my family in Nigeria, I am afraid to report that I came recently to the conclusion that I have to flee. After my most recent expose on the scandal going in respect of purported ceasefire negotiated between government and Boko Haram, the danger to my life has escalated to new heights. I have had to go severely underground for several weeks leading to my final decision to flee Nigeria.”

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Ceasefire? Do not be fooled Nigerians

“The sect runs a council of leaders with the imam as the head. There is no second in command and there has never been.”

Sometime within the week, some shadowy character by the name Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulazees, who claims to hold a commanding position within the ranks of the dreaded insurgents, Boko Haram, announced what he called a ceasefire. He said he had sat with government officials in Borno State and had come to the conclusion that Muslims were also suffering under the sustained atmosphere of terror the sect had visited on residents of the state.

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